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Watch HBO Go on Roku with DirecTV

In the year 2011, users were in for a pleasant surprise when they could launch HBO GO on Roku. By 2014, the service was also available for DirecTV customers on Roku. HBO Go is known for its excellent lineup of original programming not to forget Game Of Thrones, an all-time favorite with the fans. Overall, the channel is designed to provide watchers with more than 1,500 HBO series, shows, movies, sports, comedy, bonus features and a lot more.

Watch HBO Go on Roku

Watch HBO Go on Roku

Setting up the Roku Streaming Player

  • The setup Roku account process is very easy and can be accomplished by most users all by themselves
  • You can also refer to the startup-guide that arrives with the package
  • Depending upon the player that you own
    • You may want to plug device indirectly into the HDMI port of your smart TV
    • Alternatively, you may try to attach it to an HDMI cord and then append it to the TV
  • To power up the device, you will require the power adapter, also included in the package
  • Plug it across a power outlet directly for best device performance; do not use a power strip; this might cause unnecessary disruption in power resulting in poor content broadcasts
  • Next, you just have to follow any instruction that you see across the screen of your TV to set up the wireless
  • Since Roku downloads content from the internet, you must have a good and strong Wi-Fi connection
  • Some players allow you to connect directly to the Ethernet port, while others will connect only on the Wi-Fi

Activating HBO Go

  • You can activate HBO Go on Roku through the player itself
  • Most of us would think this is simpler than activating it through any other internet-connected device
  • But for entering the activation code, you have to open the browser on a PC or a tablet or any other Wi-Fi-capable gadget
  • Now, go over to the ChannelStore from the Settings
  • You can also use Roku’s powerful Search feature to look for HBO Go
  • From the Channel Store, select HBO Go and to get your activation code, you may have to either choose to Activate Your Device or Sign In

Entering the Activation Code

  • Next, leaving the above page as it is on the player, go over to the computer and enter the URL
  • Here, you also have to select your device type (in this case, it is the Roku) and then choose Continue
  • A screen will appear with a list of all the channel providers for HBO Go
  • Choose the one specific to you to enter your username and password credentials

Note: Where you aren’t able to see your preferred provider, it only means that HBO Go on Roku is not currently supported by them

  • Thereafter, the screen changes to display the field where the activation code has to be entered
  • The streaming player and the account, are synced together
  • A message stating Success is displayed on both devices, the computer, and the TV

HBO Go and Roku

While HBO Go offers premium service as a subsidiary of the Time Warner Cable Co., the Roku is regarded as one of the leading streaming players that contain a wide range of not just on-demand but even live TV programming. This versatile device has brought some of the best entertainment content, at the most affordable prices into the users’ homes. And those who have HBO can automatically start streaming on-demand HBO Go on Roku.

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